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Whose? And why?

Aboutthe academy

In line with this visionary philosophy and the vision of "Aqdar" program, which is "pioneering the preparation of informed patriotic students, of whom the country is proud and who are proud of their country", and by adopting innovative solutions to help achieve this vision in line with the requirements of modern times and shaping the future of training and empowerment; Khalifa Empowerment Program / Aqdar launched Aqdar Smart Academy, the first of its kind in the world to enable students to develop their skills and raise their national sense. The Academy aims to educate and teach young people to protect them against the challenges inside and outside the classroom. In addition, the Academy aims to provide a world learning platform to exchange ideas and research and raise a generation of ambitious young people who are loyal to their identity, country and leadership through specifically designed smart training courses.

Whose? And why?


A great humanitarian value and a manifestation of the progress of individuals and communities alike. The importance of tolerance stems from the attempt to avoid differences, build new relationships and broaden the horizon of human thought. Through this program you will learn about the concept of tolerance and its relation to happiness, receive tips to make you more tolerant and how to respect diversity and differences between people, as well as ways to deal with intolerant behaviour.


Happiness is one of the most important things that we seek to achieve in life. Happiness originates from the inside and is not acquired. It is made by a person himself, where he/she must try to be happy whatever the circumstances are, and to look all around him/her with a positive and optimistic outlook. Through this program you will learn about the importance and benefits of happiness for your health, the sources of happiness, the characteristics of happy people, the relationship between happiness, self-confidence and energy, as well as its relationship with success. You will also learn how to deal with unhappy situations, how to maintain good relations to be happy and the importance of making others happy to have a happy life.

Positive energy

The surrounding environment plays an important role in promoting and developing the positive energy of individuals. Positive energy generates the determination and resolve of the individual to achieve his goals. Positive energy has a great effect in enhancing self-confidence and encouraging people to succeed and progress. Through this program you will learn about the concept of positive energy, the characteristics of positive people, and the sources and role of positive energy in promoting self-confidence and progress as well as how to deal with people with negative energy.


The environment around us is of great importance to preserving our health, as well as the aesthetics. Therefore, preserving environment is the responsibility of everyone. It is necessary to cooperate to increase green projects and stop the repeated and unfair attacks on the environment in order to make it more beautiful and less polluted. Such act will serve the interests of all creatures that live on planet earth. This program is designed to capture the realities of global climate deterioration and the impact of certain practices on the environment. Moreover, you will also learn about the best global practices for environmental protection and green project implementation.


Citizenship is defined as loyalty to the country in which a man was born, adherence to its laws, enjoying equal rights with other citizens and commitment to perform a set of obligations towards such country. This program is designed to enable you to understand the concept of citizenship, the characteristics of an effective citizen, the key dimensions of citizenship, the components of good citizenship, and the main national duties that a good citizen must adhere to.

Intellectual Security

In any society, a person needs to feel secure in order to live his life normally. Life cannot go normally unless a person feels safe and has no fear of any harm to himself, his family, property and honour. Security comes in various forms, the most important of which is intellectual security. What is extremism? What is the most appropriate way to deal with extremists? Is there anything that can be done to combat extremism? The "Intellectual Security" program shows you the most important aspects related to the phenomenon of extremism.


Volunteering has become a cornerstone in building societies and spreading social cohesion among citizens. Volunteering work remains an important factor influencing the preparation of the new generation as it is a part of their moral, psychological and social composition, and encourages students to engage in humanitarian work. Through this program you will learn about volunteering and volunteering initiatives that are relevant to your interests and are common among students, as well as the main steps to find real opportunities for volunteering, the good characteristics of volunteers, and how to overcome the challenges of volunteering.


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